About Moi and PLF

Hi I’m Liz (no this is not my real name, and no you will never know that bit o’ information.) and here’s a bit about myself, and PLF.

Rarely is a moment in Kindergarten as indicative of a life’s course as it was pour moi. On one normal day at my private (religious) school I was waiting in line for the bathroom. Because of circumstances outside of my control, stupid classmates and stupider (yeah stupider) rules, I pee’d myself. Yup folks, I did just that – in front of my crush no less. Then I got to sit around and wait for my Mom to drop off a pair of overalls that were 5 inches too short, while everyone in the class giggled. My crush of course made fun of me for this incident for the rest of my elementary school career…

and that was the first time, it blew up in my pretty little face.

About PLF: All names have been changed, as well as the occasional location. Gotta defend the innocent and not-so-innocent.


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