Three’s Company

29 Aug

Not too long ago I went back to my little college town to visit friends. I rode up with an old college friend and one of her friends that she went to nursing school with. He was also a nurse. Not one of those sweet sensitive nice  male nurses, one that is full of himself and stories that NO one else could have and lifts like nine time a week. ie. Not really my kind of guy. So I have to listen to his stories and make jokes about him, directed at him, for the 8 hour car ride. He picks up on maybe 2 of the 200. Luckily I didn’t have to drive this kid back…

So I’m out one night with old friends and decide to turn in a bit early (rare instance) so I’m wandering back home enjoying my college town and bump into -guess who, the male nurse and friend. I happen to know his friend from when I took Muay Thai classes up there, he was one of the fighters. So we’re catching up and he mentions that they were going back to his house for a drink and to hang out with a few more friends and asked if I wanted to join. Sure, it was on my way to where I was crashing for the evening, why not.

We get to his house and we’re the only three there, it was early so I assumed other were coming. Popped open a Natty Light and flopped on the couch to chat with the guys. We start talking really heady stuff, religion, philosophy, life blah blah blah. Then out of no where the male nurse asks “Have you ever had a threesome?”

“Uh what? No” I replied

“Would you be interested?” He glanced over at my ex-muay thai partner and he just smiled.

This was happening. I was being propositioned to have a three some with two, absolutely stupid, but pretty damn good looking guys. I asses the situation for a millisecond, take a big swig of beer and politely decline with a “um hell no, but thanks.” and excuse myself to wander the last few blocks home asking “Did that just happen?”

Yes, yes it did…and this is only the most recent time I’ve found myself in that situation. WTF about me screams “yeah she’d be game for a threesome?” I don’t know. Propositioned three times in my life, turned all three down. Maybe third time is the charm?


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