“It’s like a scene out of Can’t Hardly Wait”

17 Aug

So like any dramatic 18 year-old college student that knows everything about life I went home for a weekend after I broke up with Luke. Not to lick my wounds or to take a break from dating, but to tell the love of my young life that it was him I wanted to be with. Yup, good choice Liz.

Let me give you a little back-story on this one. My best friend Elsie has an older brother, Aiden. Now I had a crush on Aiden all through high school, and was positive the summer after my senior year of high school he would realize I was the one. Write me a CD full of love songs, because he was a musician you see, and then we would walk off into the sunset like the true emo kids we were.  This did not happen.
Any-who I was home for a weekend and the whole time I’m trying to figure out when I’m going to confess my undying love to Aiden. Obviously my tortured soul can’t tell Elsie this because god-forbid I confide in my best friend that I love her older brother.

I didn’t have the opportunity all weekend. So, on my drive out of town I decide to stop by the grocery store where he works at the deli counter. I stroll into our small town grocery store and pace the aisle’s for a solid 20 minutes while on the phone with a friend from college. She’s telling me to just do it, I need to tell him how I feel and of course he’ll say what I need him to say. I hang up the phone and strut down the aisle toward the deli counter. I yell over the counter “Hey meat boy!” Aiden turns and smiles says hi. I immediately launch into my diatribe, which went something like this.

“So I have to tell you something, to just get it off my chest.  For the past three years I’ve liked you, the whole time I was with Luke I still liked you. I just had to tell you incase you felt the same way. I can’t go on hiding it.” Now I’m pretty sure I reiterated those same statements roughly five more times, sufficiently beating a dead horse while turning red in the face and saying all of that in one long run on sentence a la Kerouac.

Aiden stares back at me blinking a couple times in a state of shock. He politely lets me down, as I have visions similar to Looney Tunes – when Wil E. Coyote gets smashed in the head by a safe. He mentions that he has just started dating this girl and doesn’t want to mess it up. But can’t believe I had the balls to come in and say that to him “It’s like something out of Can’t Hardly Wait” he says shaking his head and smiling.
I leave dejected and proceed to play every chick rock CD I have in my possession for my 8 hour ride back to school. That doesn’t stop me though, I continue to have feelings for him on and off for the next two years. He turned into my go to guy for any issues I had in other relationships. Justification: “This just isn’t working with X because I’m destined to be with Aiden.” Yes I may have watched one, or maybe six seasons too many, of Dawson’s Creek. We all have our weakness. Mine are; bad haircuts, ‘90’s alt rock and love triangles. Dawson’s Creek wraps all of those up in one nice package.

To date, nothing has happened with Aiden aka Dawson. He is the great friend who motivated me to start writing these stories down several years ago.


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